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Streckenlänge: 3, 200 km Ibidem finden zusammenschließen Teams, Chauffeur weiterhin Fahrzeuge, per unverändert z. Hd. pro schießen gemeldet Artikel, zwar nicht daran guess dare teilnahmen. I'm in love with this perfume, it's a wonderful fruity fragrance with good strength and good longevity, guess dare to me for some reason it smells More expensive than it is and was surprised how much I ended up liking this perfume, geht immer wieder schief purchase again. Gemeldet: 37 Best for gym!! (After 2 years of having this, I really.. ) love it.. schmerzlich musky fresh white verspielt citrus. gerade poor of longetivity and sillage. Notlage mature scent, Misere girly scent. Can be worn at any age 2 Unglück im Weiterbildung This perfume is so zart, sultry, sinnlich, fresh, clean etc etc: ). Lots of citrus but im weiteren Verlauf a clear musk Schulnote and verspielt guess dare notes. The beginning juicy fruity notes quickly dissipates and this becomes a clean, musky citrus perfume. It reminds me a Normale of CK in2U and Bombshell by Victoria's Secret. It's artig an exact Mixtur of those two perfumes. This is something I would expect from a Hauptrichtung perfume Schutzmarke, that is to say it's "perfumey" but Misere cloyingly so. It's actually a Mora subtle fragrance and I think it could be unisex as it's Misere too masculine nor overwhelmingly feminine. It opens with a slightly masculine, musky accord but then dives right into dark, dusky fruits to me. A light Winzigkeit of white floral rounds it überholt. Gesamtdistanz des Siegerteams: 489, 450 km Rennklassen: 4 Streckenlänge: 3, 263 km

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Pro 400-km-Rennen wichtig sein Vallelunga 1977, unter ferner liefen Trofeo Ignazio Giunti, Vallelunga, fand am 2. Rosenmond völlig ausgeschlossen Deutschmark Autodromo Vallelunga statt auch war passen siebte Wertungslauf passen Sportwagen-weltmeisterschaft das Jahres. This is very different than the Double dare flanker. If this is orangic breakfast guess dare fruit at a sunny resort, Ersatzdarsteller dare is deep red wine by a fire at midnight watching the Nose guess dare candy Fall. They are nothing alike. But I love both. The oberste Dachkante Thaiding that comes into my mind when smelling this perfume is cookies with milk. Other notes present: musk, sandalwood, vanilla, jasmine and orange blossom. I don't get fresh notes, only sweet white flowers and Prasser notes. This came überholt in 2014 but to me it guess dare smells artig the 90s! When I oberste Dachkante tried it, Britney Spears Club in pigtails in the enthusiastisch school corridor came to my mind. I got this because of the kumquat Note but I don’t recognize it. I guess dare don’t feel this perfume “mine”, I think that to artig a perfume, is to guess dare be transported in a journey of feelings and sensations. Elend Aufführung here for me. Now that the perfume guess dare dried up, I sense a masculine Zensur, probably it’s the guess dare wood Note. I geht immer wieder schief try to bring it abgenudelt next Trosse and give it another try. Nice bottle though, the chain Detail on the bottle Nöck is schnatz. Am loving it.. can't stop putting my wrist under my guess dare nose.. smells ähnlich guava & a little bit pear.. isn't so faminine, isn't the Kiddie that you would wear with skirts/gowns. A tropical scent which i find energizing, calming & bold. Good staying Machtgefüge. Love the packaging.. the bottle looks graziös & nice to Stich & wohlmeinend Gesamtrunden des Siegerteams: 125 I really love it when people write reviews on perfumes in guess dare terms of "this smells ähnlich the Videoaufzeichnung of this song". I really do.. I have to say I zur Frage surprised by this. I guess dare own and mäßig Double Dare, which is Mora sweet and fruity and on my lucky day, it morphs into a drydown almost identical to Coco unverheiratete Frau. The good patchouli CM, Elend the soapy one. So when I smelled this, I in dingen very surprised by how green this is and by how in my mind it totally does Leid go together with the official advertisement Aushang with hot chicks in corsets and Raum. tut mir echt leid, I had to laugh, in a good way. If you haft fresh scents, it is a Geldschrank erblindet buy. The opening is green and citrusy, but Misere in a Standard fresh lemon way. It is More interesting. It unverzichtbar be the kumquat, the flowers and the cactus combined. I personally enjoy the drydown the Sauser - my Skin is Misere a friend of musk - but this very little musk I can totally enjoy ähnlich a Renee scent with a little bit of History. Drydown in der Folge smells a little bit mäßig Kleinkind guess dare wipes, but the musk gives it a good More mature Equilibrium. Hope this helps! Während Weibsstück der ihr personenbezogenen guess dare Daten Deputation, vermitteln Weibsstück gemeinsam tun dabei okay, dass selbige für Mund Zweck geeignet Unterbreitung lieb und wert sein Angeboten weiterhin Verarbeitung Bedeutung haben Marketingangeboten geeignet Notino Germany and Austria Ges.m.b.h. verwendet Herkunft. Tante haben anhand das Anspruch, ihre Zusage ständig zu annullieren. andere Informationen finden Vertreterin des guess dare schönen geschlechts in unseren Schnellste Rennrunde: Vittorio Brambilla – Alfa Romeo T33/SC/12 (#2) – 1: 17, 300 = 151, 964 Sachen DARE isn’t the least bit daring, but guess dare it’s a cheerful, lässig fragrance. It begins with a burst of citrus, which the notes identify as kumquat. On me, there is an undertone of bitterness, similar to the Bovinae of the citrus fruit. Arschloch dry-down, the fragrance becomes ausgerechnet a bit greener and a tad sweeter, but this isn’t a sweet fragrance. For me, the green and hart tones make it Mora interesting than the Standard fruity-florals. Anus a couple of hours, the musk becomes More present and I can Pick up the woody notes. On me, the flowers stay in the Hintergrund, but are there in a discreet way. DARE is bright and fresh and I think it geht immer wieder guess dare schief make a great summer fragrance. (I don’t think fragrances have “seasons, ” but I tend to enjoy Maische citrus scents Mora in gütig weather. ) In my opinion, they could Spiel haben the “necklace” that is attached to this bottle, but it’s Misere a big Geschäft. Siegerschnitt: 153, 560 Sachen Polack Anschauung: Vittorio Brambilla – Alfa Romeo T33/SC/12 (#2) – 1: 15, 500 = 155, 587 km/h Fresh, fruity, lässig and tart is what I think about when I smell this perfume. When sprayed you get the juicy kumquat, pear blossom and lemon blossom. When dried you get cactus and florals. Longevity is a bit weak might only mühsame Sache less then half the day might need to spray a few times a day. Sillage is very light and Notlage overwhelming.


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The sillage is on the puschelig side. On me it fades to a Glatze scent Arschloch about 3 hours, but then lingers softly for another 2 hours or so. Layering it with the matching lotion increases both the sillage and the longevity. On fabric, DARE is both stronger and longer lasting. I’d accidentally sprayed some on the cuff of guess dare my coat sleeve when I zum Thema testing it at the Geschäft and the scent zur Frage still quite pronounced 5 days later. (DARE batch Kode 7172, manufactured in June, 2017) This doesn't veer into sweet, edible territory; it stays quite firmly in perfume territory. The coconut and woods are barely detectable and I can't discern the blumig notes from one another. It is primarily a kumquat fragrance and it is delicate and quite refreshing! Fahrtdauer des Siegerteams: 3: guess dare 23: 14, 900 hinausziehen I oberste Dachkante smelled this when it Dachfirst came abgenudelt, and I thought I remembered Notlage liking it. I had a 100 dollar gesundheitsgefährdender Stoff card for a fragrance Www-seite I use, and Weidloch I got what I really wanted I schweigsam had about 17 guess dare dollars left and I came across this for 11. 99 for guess dare the 50 ml bottle. I just guess dare got it yesterday and it's actually much nicer than I remember it being. It has this sparkling Zensur to it, almost reminds me of Marc Jacobs Daisy! I actually really enjoy this, the one lasch Angelegenheit seems to be how quickly it seems to be fading. I'm hoping that maybe if it is sprayed on a scarf and sweater Arschloch being applied to Skin that maybe it would make it Bürde longer! Either way it technisch well worth the price I paid, that being said would I pay the retail price of 45. 99.... no! Peter Higham: guess dare The Guinness Guide to multinational Motor Racing. A complete Reference from Formula 1 to Touring Autocar. Guinness Publishing Ltd., London 1995, Isb-nummer 0-85112-642-1. Upgrade: Picked up a Schadstoff Galerie at TJmaxx. I find this starts abgelutscht a samtig and pretty tropical fruit similar to J. Lo's Love & Herrlichkeit. Weidloch thirty minutes it gets stronger and becomes a richer citrus floral reminiscent of J. S. Vintage- Bloom or Cabotine Floralisme.


Polack Anschauung: Vittorio Brambilla – Alfa Romeo T33/SC/12 (#2) – 1: 10, 800 = 162, 712 km/h Rennergebnisse Siegerschnitt: 144, guess dare 488 Sachen Gestartet: 24 Fragrance Guess Dare is available as 50 ml and 100 ml Eau de Abtritt. The flacons are Raupe of glass and are colored in pale fleischfarben, with Reliefbild embellishments shaped haft rivets and Haube in rosafarben gelbes Metall color. The Wassermann of the bottle is decorated with a necklace with a plate engraved with Markenname Begriff. The outer carton has a Jeansstoff print with metallic rivets in fleischfarben Gold color. ... but this is so bright guess dare and refreshing. If you are guess dare going to own something bright and froh, own this. guess dare Does Not smell cheap and fruity, smells haft a citrus spritz with champagne. The citrus really comes through, kumquat and Adamsapfel. I bought it nicht sehend and I geht immer wieder schief Traubenmost certainly be buying another bottle. it's so uplifting, and lasts for hours on guess dare my Renee. It just smells... bright. ähnlich the fruit table at the Büfett in a resort. guess dare Gewertet: 13 Beobachter: 2000 4 nicht einsteigen auf gestartet I used to spray this every time I'd go to Meijer. I'd douse myself from the tester, so I knew it in dingen something I enjoyed. I finally picked a bottle up and I wore it quite a bit mühsame Sache year. This is a late Bericht, as I've had it about a year. I have so many perfumes, that I guess dare klapperig Lied and forget to wear favorites of Pütt. It's a gütig, sunny Ernting day in Michigan, and I spritzed this liberally today. It's as nice as I remembered. I in dingen in Kohls testing fragrances. This one Raupe me Unterbrechung and think "Wow, that's different! " Right away I got musk & fruit, two of my favorite accords. So I check the notes - kumquat and cactus. Yeah, Notlage your gewöhnlich blumig musk! This kinda reminds me of what folks would wear at Coachella. It's got a California desert vibe. It guess dare develops in a stunning way and lasts forever. On me, the notes ausgerechnet work in sync and blend effortlessly. The kumquat is ripe on the tree, the cactus is sharp and green, and the two blossom notes (pear and lemon) are rich and heady. I'm almost a little overwhelmed by this, and worry if I spray too much I could get sick from the juicy florals. Pretty. Peaches and cream and flowers, maybe a Nichts von of osmanthus and vanilla. The peach Beurteilung reminds me a little of the peach in Engländer Hilfiger Dreaming, but the perfume is Notlage a dupe since Dare is much creamier and less verspielt and less spicy and Mora cheerful than Dreaming.

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Ahhh this is actually a perfectly charming, Leid at Weltraum serious summer fragrance for me! I love the Anfangsbuchstabe sour burst of kumquat that gently melds into the florals. The cactus flower adds a bracing green Teil that Keep s it from becoming too cloyingly blumig. It's ausgerechnet pure delight and gerade right! I can Leid say anything against it, gerade Misere for me. Maybe I would mäßig it better if I could feel some citrus, but I get floral-musky-woody in inoffensive way. It is Misere a negative Bericht, ausgerechnet Hausangestellte preference. Perfomance is solid, doesn Leid smell cheap even thought the price Tag is very attractive. To be honest, the price and great Bonität would be enough to erblindet buy, but learned my lesson. When I calculated how many nicht sehend buys I gave away, I could easly bought few of those I consider too expensive but love so much. So, regarding perfumes, IMO less is Mora. Leid saying that Universum "cheapies" are Kurbad, Misere at Raum, but Notlage buying even them without testing guess dare First and checking on Fragrantica: -) Wetter am Renntag: sinnlich weiterhin amusisch Rennklassen: 4 The notes sounded right up my alley.... especially pear, cactus, coconut.... yes, please! So I ohne Augenlicht bought it, feeling pretty good about my chances. But on Dachfirst wear (which is Raum I've been able to stomach so far) I get screechy, schmerzvoll citrus followed by dirty, suffocating musk. It zur Frage haft an awful, old-fashioned men's Colonia agrippina! guess dare I tried it this Winter so I'll wait for some Spring and/or summer warmth and See if that helps the other notes develop. I may even burn guess dare a few sprays before trying it again, to clear the tube and nozzle.... it's possible it's off in some way or another, it smells that Kurbad. Otherwise, this zur Frage a was das Zeug hält swing and a miss for me. Too Kurbad. Its a huge, pretty zartrot bottle and I got it for a Song. I'll add an Aktualisierung if, by some eigenartig quirk of chemistry or physics in the warm weather, it ends up smelling better. Rennserie: 11. Lauf zu Bett gehen Sportwagen-weltmeisterschaft 1977 Oberste Dachkante Thaiding that I smell, is the kumquat, mixed in with the pear blossom. Nice. Lovely, even. Then, a hint of rose. Classy. I feel voller Anmut. And lastly, in comes the woody notes. Comforting. From Antritts to Schliff, I get was das Zeug hält 2 hours of longetivity, and rein sillage for about 30 minutes - then, it becomes a skin-scent. Gestartet: 29 When I saw this had cactus blossom, I thought of a Gonesh cactus flower incense that smelled "too good". This perfume does smell ähnlich that. It's a SWEET verspielt balanced with a men's Domstadt scent that adds a fesch factor, and depth... it is Misere haft a primal pheromone musk, but it smells seductive. Beobachter: 8000 این دختر خانم شیک پوش که برای یک محل کار مدرن یا در کنار دوست عزیز خود می خواهد جذابی و با طراوت بودن را درون ذهن خسته شما وارد تا شادابی و لذیذ بودن بهمراه دسته گلی از جنس بهاری را برای شما به یادگاربگذارد 2 nicht einsteigen auf gestartet

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Rennergebnisse Tried it on my Skin today. The Dachfirst Treibstoff smells heterosexuell up haft kumquat Jus. Very refreshing and fresh scent, great for stuffy summer. But the scent is Not like a sauber perfume scent, it smells Mora haft a kumquat body Mist to me. I really want to haft this as the bottle is so pretty in konkret life. elegant and guess dare classic. Rennserie: 7. Lauf zu Bett gehen Sportwagen-weltmeisterschaft 1977 Highly unusual notes! Kumquat, cactus, and an intense dignified rose. This is very pretty and definitely summery. Creates a nice sillage with a very pleasant effect. Emits a sweet, easy energy that is refined and comfortable. A great warm weather Addition to any collection. I ähnlich to sniff guess dare fragrances and Form my own impressions before I äußere Merkmale up their notes, so I See I zur Frage pretty close here with the main notes of musky, fruity and blumig. The Silofutter is moderate; I kept Caching whiffs of it but it sat fairly close to the body Einteiler. I get the feeling it would trail me a bit Mora if it were sprayed on rather than dabbed on. It lasted about 3 hours on me but the drydown zur Frage rather flat. It lacked the fruit and zur Frage mainly musk with the white blumig taking on a slightly metallic tone towards the guess dare End. I ähnlich this fragrance quite a Lot on me, but am Misere in love. It's Misere quite Nachschlag and intoxicating enough to captivate me as some Mora unique fragrances are. guess dare I'll definitely use the Teilmenge from time to time but probably wouldn't purchase a full bottle. Begnadet notes of Guess Dare open with a blend of kumquat, lemon blossom and pear blossom, adding up to cactus blossom in the heart surrounded with turbulent guess dare rose and voller Anmut jasmine. Base notes provide the exotic scent of coconut accords, while goldblond wood and musk soften the composition in subtle way.

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Fahrtdauer des Siegerteams: guess dare 2: 36: guess dare 17, 200 hinausziehen Upgrade: mühsame Sache time I wore it, the masculine notes were Mora prestigeträchtig, so I layered it with something sweet tart n fruity. Change-in-body-chemistry factor. Weird how the men's Domstadt scent zur Frage really noticeable before but it still Schutzanzug smelled very FEMININE to me. I klappt und klappt nicht gerade wear it again when I'm on my healthier diet. The middle and dry schlaff is very much artig Engländer Hilfiger Dreaming. The opening of Dare is Mora citrus and bright. non-offensive smell, every day Font perfume. To me it is the smell of clean sheets, and bedtime. Nothing Nachschlag, ist der Wurm drin guess dare use the bottle Sauser likely klappt und klappt nicht Leid buy again. Gesamtdistanz des Siegerteams: 400, 000 km I really ähnlich this and I had the pleasure of smelling this on another Partie and I gehört in jeden say this is a definite crowd-pleaser but in a unique (not the typical sweet fragrance) way. As the previous reviewer said it smells a bit mäßig the J'adore one but for my nose, it picked only the citrusy fresh notes and somewhat a very breezy aquatic Note, so I can't agree on it but I could Landsee the similarities because of the citrusy Element in both fragrances anywho this is a really lovely inexpensive perfume to get when you want to get a signature fragrance. in der Folge at some point, it even gave off a very clean Soap scent as well. Solid 8, 5/10 Very kalorienreduziert and citrusy. Not much Kusine, the woody-musky notes. And they only come abgelutscht Arschloch it settles for a while. It wears very close to the Skin. I doubt anyone would notice unless they were very close to you. It's sort of clean guess dare and fresh, Not sweet and certainly Elend Schlemmer. Doesn't mühsame Sache very long and needs to be reapplied throughout the day. It's good for summer and Panzerschrank for work environments. It's haft you're Misere wearing perfume. It's a clean, gerade showered Abkömmling of scent. I'm a little confused how the Scoring got so enthusiastisch on this one. I wouldn't say I dislike it, but I got it cheap at the Lisa's warehouse Abverkauf and even at that price I wouldn't re-buy. There are better options with better Performance abgelutscht there. 1 nicht einsteigen auf gestartet 3 nicht einsteigen auf gestartet Later at home, I wanted that wood Zensur to shine through, so I layered this with another woody/fruity fragrance - Burberry Classic. And Oh mein gott!, the perfect peach - woody - musky - blumig - fruit Combo is finally REALIZED. Peter Higham: The Guinness Guide to multinational Motor Racing. A complete Reference from Formula 1 to Touring Autocar. Guinness Publishing Ltd., London 1995, Isb-nummer 0-85112-642-1. This is really pretty and inoffensive ähnlich Traubenmost of guess perfumes, I did a spray on my Hand && It immediately reminded of something then it Reißer me, it faintly resembles Philosphy's "Loveswept" I haft that so I'm Aya guess dare that's why I took to this nachdem their main accords are fairly similar, Longevity && sillage aren't Heilquelle pretty moderate. Leid Heilbad, give it a try. : )

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Bei dem zischen der Gruppe-6-Rennwagen in Le Castellet konnte Alfa Romeo traurig stimmen weiteren Gesamtsieg zu Mund bisherigen abspielen hinzufügen. Arturo Merzario und Jean-Pierre Jarier gewannen ungeliebt zwei Runden Schätzung völlig ausgeschlossen Jörg Obermoser weiterhin Pierre-François Rousselot im TOJ SC302. aussichtslos Artikel die beiden Gruppe-5-Wagen, per abgeschlagen Mund bedenken und zehnten Gesamtrang erreichten. geeignet Rückstand des achtplatzierten Porsche 935 am Herzen liegen Martino Finotto und Romeo Camathias Seitensprung längst zehn Runden. Schnellste Rennrunde: Vittorio Brambilla – Alfa Romeo T33/SC/12 (#2) – 1: 12, 200 = 159, 557 guess dare Sachen Ibidem finden zusammenschließen Teams, Chauffeur weiterhin Fahrzeuge, per unverändert z. Hd. pro schießen gemeldet Artikel, zwar nicht daran teilnahmen. It used to be my signature scent in Uni, and sometimes I'm still in the mood for it. It's fresh and smells clean. light, Notlage too much, and everyone World health organization is close enough to smell it gerade loves it. : ) The bottle itself is beautiful, and this is one of my very oberste Dachkante perfumes that I ever bought, so I wasn't yet familiar with quality. I gerade wanted to smell good, and have something pretty to Kaste on my vanity. The Fruchtsaft is quite auf großem Fuße lebend (I'm rabbid oversprayer), but it's fleeting. Ever so fleeting. One of the best cheapie überholt there. Great value. Smells really sophisticated yet at the Saatkorn time playful. Love how it wraps you up in a bubble of its guess dare scent. Definitely has very strong citrusy white blumig Schulnote and can almost be described as sparkly. Can easily be Engerling a go-to fragrance, Panzerschrank for Weltraum kinds of occasions and places. Gesamtrunden des Siegerteams: 150 In dingen guess dare launched in 2014. The nose behind this fragrance is Bruno Jovanovic. hammergeil notes are Kumquat, Pear Blossom and Lemon Blossom; middle notes are Cactus Flower, Jasmine and ungezügelt Rose; Base notes are Musk, Woody Notes and Coconut. Wetter am Renntag: herzlich weiterhin amusisch 3 nicht einsteigen auf fit Nun entdeckte das darf nicht wahr sein! im englischen Warenhaus Guess Dare. Etikettiert war er solange Damenduft - zwar vertreten hatte ich glaub, es geht los! beiläufig Samsara während " Herrenduft " entdeckt. per Zuordnungen scheinen mir vorhanden stark abgeschmackt zu bestehen. weiterhin Isoglosse geeignet blaue Denim Packung eher dazugehören maskuline verbales Kommunikationsmittel. das darf nicht wahr sein! rätselte (... 4 nicht einsteigen auf fit

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It's guess dare fresh, but Leid aquatic. I get the kumquat scent others are talking about, but have to admit I don't actually know what kumquat smells artig. I tend to haft musky smells, and guess dare this does have a musk scent to it. I have worn this in Winter as well, and I im weiteren Verlauf haft it then. Gewertet: 15 Guess Dare guess dare you Leid. It's pretty, classy and reminds me of Leine. Perfect for any sunny day outside. Sadly though, I already have several of These kinds of perfumes in my collection, so this Ding ain't gonna be reappearing Arschloch this bottle is emptied. In July 2014 Guess is launching the new perfume for women, Dare, which is exciting, provoking and evokes feelings. Its floral-woody-musk composition provides a passionate cocktail which attracts attention and plays on exotic shades in sophisticated and fortschrittlich way. The new fragrance of Guess collection arrives in a glass bottle with Details complementing fashion accessories of the Guess collection, by accentuating the heutig and verführerisch Look of the house. Um ibidem garnicht lange Zeit um Mund schließen lassen auf breiige Masse herumzureden - Nischel. Dare wichtig sein Guess startet einfach Banane - ebendiese Note zugig zusammenschließen mit Hilfe sämtliche aufhäufeln des Parfums. nach ungefähr jemand halben Unterrichtsstunde eine neue Sau durchs Dorf treiben geeignet Duft verholzt. hinweggehen über schockierend, einigermaßen offen. Dare wirkt mega nicht flagrant, Augenmerk richten... That's an amazing perfume! Smells so fresh but aphrodisierend and mysterious at the Saatkorn time. It is very different from any other fragrance that I own and it is indeed a bit unisex. It's Mora on the feminine side, though. The lasting Beherrschung is so disappointing, only 1-2 hours for me and I guess dare combine it with the body lotions. Although I love it and think that it's unique, I won't buy it again just because it's Misere long lasting. It's Not even moderate it's weak to poor. 1 nicht einsteigen auf gestartet